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KFMC honors TNTJ Riyadh in World blood Donors day!

RIYADH: – The King Fahd Medical City (KFMC), which is under the Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia celebrates every 31st July as as International Blood Donors day , in line with international community in which they recognize outstanding Voluntary Blood Donors and organizers. KFMC has awarded Indian Community social organization TNTJ as the largest Voluntary Blood Donation Camp organizer. Further, KFMC Blood Bank Chairman Dr. Ammar Al Zohiar commanded the outstanding contribution of TNTJ with KFMC and KFMC is proud to pronounce TNTJ as their official Blood Donors Campaign Organizers and TNTJ continues to be the largest Voluntary Blood Donors for the last 15 years.

TNTJ Blood Donation Camp in charge Mr. Raisul thanked KFMC and all faculties of the Blood Bank for their continuous support and encouraging guidance. TNTJ organizes Voluntary Blood Donation camp especially for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, to strengthen In to Saudi relationship, we too organize on India’s Independence and Republic days and regular camps on the requirement of KFMC blood bank for the last 15 years. Further, TNTJ organizes voluntary Blood Donation camps to strengthen humanity and as per teachings of quran for the sake of almighty Allah.

We are happy to be part of this noble cause. Our social organization TNTJ organizes regular Voluntary Blood Donation camps across Gulf region and in India too for which a number of Governments affiliated organization has awarded certificate and appreciation in Gulf countries and in India.

And further to that; upcoming 10th of August,2018  there will be a one more massive blood camping will be conduct in KFMC to support these year Haj pilgrims and the eve of 72nd India’s Independence Day, TNTJ’s Blood Campaign In-charge (Sub) Mr. Raisul Kamal he added.

All praise be to almighty Allah.

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